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03 - Serviço de bola

Foosball Serving Overview:
The foosball serve, much like a kick-off in football or soccer, starts every foosball game. The serve is also known sometimes as the "drop" for obvious reasons. In tournament play, the team that serves the first ball is decided upon by a coin toss. There are no rules against serving the ball to your own men, which is why the serve is such an important step to learn when trying to master the game. Having the first possession to attempt to pass to your offensive bar will allow you to have an upper hand. This is also why the team that is scored on gets to serve the next ball to allow for a fair game. 

How to Serve the Foosball to Yourself:
The easiest way to serve the ball to yourself is to place the foosball inside the hole while pinning it between your index finger and thumb with your left hand. Your index finger should be on the inside of the table and your thumb should be on the outside of the table to hold the ball in place. It is not illegal to wrap your index finger inside the table in order to hold the ball in place before you serve the ball. 

Next, take your right index finger and apply pressure on the upper right hand side of the foosball to keep it pinned against the hole of the table. You can then release your left hand from the ball and place it on your 5 bar rod handle to get ready to accept the serve to yourself. Next, simply roll your right index finger to the left over the top of the ball and let it drop through the hole. See the foosball serve diagram below to see the proper way to spin the ball for a serve. This will put some spin on the ball in order to allow it to drop directly towards the 2nd man on your 5 bar. This may take some practice but you should be able to catch the foosballand maintain possession straight from the serve.

Foosball Serve Diagram:

Foosball Serving Tip:
An important tip to know about foosball is that it is legal to serve yourself the ball on the drop. Imagine how important the coin toss is in any other sport. If you are just sticking the foosball through the hole you are basically throwing away a free possession and giving your opponent another chance to score. Instead, this tip suggests that you should learn how to spin the ball on the drop directly to the men on your 5 bar midfielder rod. Read our foosball serve section to learn how to properly serve the foosball to master this foosball tip.