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07 - Ataque

Foosball Shots Overview:
Playing offense and shooting the ball in foosball is always one of the most popular portions of the game. Most foosball players tend to focus about 90% of their practice on foosball shots and passing rather than on their foosball defense
. This is actually not that surprising given that it is hard to practice defense when playing the game by yourself. Most defense is practiced by playing actual games which is actually the only way to simulate real foosball shots. This is why it is hard to find elite foosball defensive players. The section below will provide an overview for each of the foosball shots and provide links to more instructional information on how to master each one.

Foosball Shooting Tips:
Most beginners tend to grip the foosball handle with their hand too hard. Keeping a loose grip on the handle will allow for maximum movement and speed and limit your resistance. You will know that you are holding the handle right if there is a small gap between the skin that connects your thumb and index finger and the handle. If this skin is completely wrapped around the foosball handle, you know you are gripping it too hard for shooting. Remember, a foosball handle is not a tennis racket or baseball bat that you have to swing! Another foosball tip when shooting is to turn your wrist quickly and the rod should spin about 180 degrees when taking the shot. Turning your wrist a quarter of a turn will not provide enough speed on your shot. You can also shoot an open-handed foosball shot where you actually roll the foosball handle on your wrist in order to increase the speed of your shot.

Foosball Pull Shot:
 Pull shots are an extremely popular offensive tactic in amateur and tournament foosball play. The pull shot is executed with the offensive 3 bar (the offensive foosball rod with 3 men on it) and is taken entirely with the middle man. This shot is taken by pulling the ball laterally toward you and very rapidly shooting it into the goal. 

Learn the foosball pull shot >
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Pull Kick Foosball Shot:
 Pull kick shots are a common foosball shot that is completed by passing the ball from the far man on your 3 rod, passing it to your middle man, and then kicking it in the goal. This is not a shot typically used in tournament play, but it does provide an effective option as a shot to surprise your opponent because it can be easily disguised as a foosball pass.  

Learn the foosball pull kick shot >
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Push Foosball Shot:
 This is another common shot that most beginner foosball players learn when first starting to play the game. It is an easier shot to learn that does not take skilled ball control. This is a 3 bar foosball shot taken by the middle offensive man that is the complete opposite direction as the pull shots. This shot is taken by pushing the ball from its starting point and then shooting it into the goal.

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Push Kick Foosball Shot:
 The push kick shot is the opposite of a pull kick shot. It is taken by passing the ball from the 3 bar man closest to you to the middle offensive man and then kick it in the goal. This shot is a good shot to take if you have good foosball ball handling skills and can make it look like you are simply passing the ball back and forth.  

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Rollover Snake Foosball Shot: Snake shots are a 3 bar foosball shot taken by the middle offensive man, which starts off by pinning the ball between the man and the table. You must shoot this shot with an open hand as your wrist pins the man on top of the ball in a forward position. The man is then moved laterally by pushing or pull the rod and simultaneously spinning your wrist up the handle of the rod in order to strike the foosball with the same man. When done correctly, this shot can be taken seamlessly and can be hard to even tell what happened unless it is shown at slow motion.

Learn the foosball rollover snake shot >
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Bank Foosball Shot:
 A bank shot is when you diagonally kick the ball against the wall in order to make it bounce of the wall and go into the goal at an angle. The bank shot can be performed on both offense and defense. It is typically more effective on defense as it is harder to gauge and detect during the setup of the shot. 

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Dead Man Foosball Shot:
The dead man foosball shots are when you shoot a shot in the far corner post of your opponent's goal when they are using a certain style of defense where they cannot defend that post. For a dead man shot to occur, the defensive player's 2 bar defensivefoosball rod will go as far as it can into the table and stop just far enough to allow a small window of opportunity to score a dead man shot. Not many foosball players are able to complete this shot because it takes a lot of skill and practice in order to shoot at a high percentage.

Learn the foosball dead man shot >
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Spray Foosball Shot
Spray shots are when a shot is released at a diagonal angle toward the goal or wall. The ball travels at the same angle that the ball was moving just as it was shot. If you spray on a pull shot the ball will travel at an angle toward you at the goal and push shots will travel toward your opponents end of the table. 

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Aerial Foosball ShotA shot taken by the defensive men where the ball is lifted between two defensive men and caught on the back of the 2 bar. The 2 bar, held at a horizontal position, is moved toward the center of the table in order to get in position for a foosball shot. The foosball ball is then flipped in the air toward the opposite goal. 

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Tic-Tac Shot: A tic-tac pass is when you bounce the ball back and forth between two men on the same bar and then kick the ball forward to score a goal. The tic-tac is used as a combination fake pass that surprises the defense by quickly turning into a foosball shot. 

Learn the foosball tic-tac shot >
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Foosball Trick Shots: A trick shots are a summation of many different types of foosball shots. The key to this shot is that it comes from an unexpected timing or placement. These are typically unconventional shots that seek to surprise the defense. Most people think trick shots are complex and sophisticated shots that only elite foosball players use. In reality, foosball trick shots are taken on both the defensive and offensive side of the table and are typically crafted by foosball players that are good at disguising their real shot with a trick shot. Trick shots originated from foosball players shooting one shot at an expert level and developing variations of a standard shot that result in a foosball trick shot. Trick shots are most effective when they occur against a defense that least expects it or doesn't have time to prepare for it.  

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Foosball Foos Shot: A "Foos" is when you block your opponent's shot or pass and kick it back in their own goal.  The foos can always be attempted every time you think your opponent is going to take a shot and could result in a goal. You need to use the right technique to make sure you aren't swining your foosball man's toe too high and allowing the ball to go under your toe if you don't time it properly. This shot is all about timing and having the proper technique in order to swing your rod at the ball just as it is coming your way.