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July 2012

Register now for the WCS Garlando


WCS 2012 - Garlando

Registration for the 3rd step of the 2012 World Championship Series : the Garlando WCS that will take place in Salzburg (Austria), from July 26 to 29, 2012, are now available through the Fast software. 

Various competitions will take place in the following categories: Open, Women, Juniors, Seniors and Disabled.

We remind you that the first 3 Open Singles winners as well as the winner of the Women, Juniors and Seniors Singles categories will be automatically qualified for the World Championships.


Deadline for registration is Wednesday, July 18th 2012
through the Fast software.

Garlando WCS - POSTER

The Garlando WCS page


The first European Champions Cup took place next week-end at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Hannover (Germany). After 2 days of competition, the German team "KGB Hannover" won the prestigious title of "First European Champion" after a thrilling final against the Belgian team "KMTV Hasselt". Copenhagen HBF finishes in third position.

Ranking :
1- Hannover KGB
2- Hasselt KMTV
3- Copenhagen HBF
4- Wien TFCKellerkinder
5- Wroclaw WKPS
6- Nantes NFT
7- Oldenburg TFC Devils
8- Modena Lega

ECC - winners


Bonzini WCS

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6 more players qualified for the World Championships

Over 400 players competed in the second World Championship Series event in the 2012 ITSF Tour which took place in Pontoise, France, on June 15-17.

Paul NUNES (POR), Troels TRIER (DEN), Sven WONSYLD (DEN), Amalie BREMER (DEN), David MORVAN (FRA) and Eric SICOT (FRA) have qualified for the World Championships.

More information

Leonhart WCS

WCS 2012 - Leonhart

The fourth WCS event, on the Leonhart table will take place in Center Parc Hochsauerland from September 28th to 30th, 2012. It is being organized by the German Federation of Table Soccer (DTFB).

More information will be available soon

Upcoming tournaments

- The Siberia Cup , July 7-8 in Russia

- The Slovenian Coast Masters, July 13-15 in Slovenia

- The Romanian Garlando Pro Tour, July 21-22 in Romania

Check the current calendar of 2012 Tour.

Last tournament results

At the Roberto Sport Master Series , Turkey, on June 8, in the Open Singles the iranian player Morteza DAVIRAN taking 1st place, 2nd place for the german player Frank FRIESSEM and a turkish player for the 3rd place :Kenan COSKUN.

At the South Styrian Open Austria, on June 15, the austria players Markus ROSICKY and Laszlo TEKE finished 1st and 2nd respectively and an another austria player Kevin HUNDSTORFER taking 3rd place in that competition.

At the 2012 FCM Classics Asia Open Malaysiaon June 20, the iranian player, Morteza DAVIRAN taking 1st place and the malaysian players Ashleigh HONG and Vincent Kwan Guan KHAW finished 2nd and 3thd respectively in the Open Single.

At the Slovak Championships Rosengart 2012 Slovakiaon June 22, the czech player, Jan KOVARIK taking 1st place in the Open Singles. For the women competition, the hungarian player Noémi TAKÁCS finished 1st in the Open Singles, and the slovak player, Denis LICEK taking 1st place in the category junior.

At the Roberto Sport ChallengeBulgariaon June 29 - Jul 01, the bulgarian players, Nikolay NIKOLOVAnton BOZHIKOVStanislav GEORGIEV. finished 1st, 2nd and 3thd respectively.

At the Rheinland-Pfalz Open Germanyon June 29 - Jul 01, the belgium player, Giuliano BENTIVOGLIO taking 1st place in the Open Singles.In the categories Women, Junior and Senior the german players Katja DWENGER ,Janik MÜLLER TRABERT and Axel JAGER taking the 1st place.

Review all tournaments results


Saarland Federation

The Saarland federation (Saarländischer Tischfußballverband-STFV) one of the 12 regional federations of DTFB (German table soccer federation) has been recognized as sports since the 20 june.

Indeed, the STFV is now a member of the Sports Federation of Saarland (LSVS). In addition to having been accepted as a full member through more than forty members of the saarland sports federation, Dieter Peuser (president of the STFV) was also elected in the Executive Comittee of this sports federation.

The ITSF sincerely congratulates the Saarland federation (STFV) and its more than 2.100 players and Dieter Peuser for this success.

This recognition by an official sports federation represents a major milestone for the table soccer and we look forward to seeing other federations to follow in their footsteps.

1st Italian Paralympic Championship Foosball

The first Italian Paralympic Championship Foosball on wheelchair took place in the Olympic Stadium of Turin (Italy) on June 23-24.

More than 100 athletes on wheelchair competed during 2 days in the categories, pro, rookie and women, for the champions titles recognized by the Italian Paralympic Commitee.

The Winner of the Open Singles is : 
Francesco Bonanno 

The Winner of the Open Doubles is : 
Francesco Bonanno / Ruggero Vilnai

The winner of the Women’s Singles is :
Elisa Di Pierro

italian paralympic - winners
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