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Entrevista Ryan Moore

This is a interview with Ryan Moore Professional Foosball Player. Ryan has had an amazing career in our exciting sport. At the age of 21 Ryan has an very 
impressive resume with 2010 being the one of the best years of his career. Ryan won four of the most prestigious events of the year. ITSF Worlds Open Singles, 
Tornado Worlds Open Singles, ITSF World Cup Men’s Team Event and the First ever North American Cup Team Championships. Here is some insight on his game 
and his incredible year of foosball.
QUESTION:  For the players out there that have not had a chance to watch you play. What is your primary shot From the Front position? What is your secondary 
shot? And From the back position what is your primary shot and secondary shot?
ANSWER: My primary shot in the front is the snake shot. But lately for some reason I can see pull shot holes better. The pull shot is my secondary and it is actually 
been my primary for a lot of the year. In the goalie position is definitely my pull shot. As for my secondary goes, pretty much any shot I see that is not a pull. Like 
pull kicks, push kicks, and push shots etc.
QUESTION:  Your year started at the ITSF World Championships in Nantes France. You won Open Singles defeating Frederico Collignon in the finals on Tornado 
and Roberto Sport. What was your secret for beating Frederico Collignon?
ANSWER:  Well we all have secrets but I had a few mental notes. I think what won it for me more than any thing was the determination and I was fully focused. 
Thinking about every ball, every possession. Then what it came down to was imputing my thoughts in the match. This can be a challenge. Sometime your hand just 
won’t mind you. I wanted to take the title back to USA baby!
QUESTION: Do you consider this your biggest win in your career?
ANSWER: Yes it very well be, but my biggest win, but open singles at Tornado Worlds was what I always dreamed of winning.
QUESTION: USA Men's World Cup Team won the gold for the second year in a row. How did it feel being apart of the team? 
ANSWER:  Its a great experience. You feel pressure you never felt before. Then at the same time it felt awesome to have all the greats of the game for you. Usually 
we were all competing against each other but now we were all for each other.
QUESTION:  How do you master your game with 1000 spectators, That seems to be a lot of pressure to over come?
ANSWER: Yes and no, I love the pressure of the crowd. There is nothing like dropping one from the tow bar in front of there whole country. I thrive off of it.
QUESTION: At Tornado World Championships you defeated many great players  shooting your pull shot. Why did you decide to go with this shot.
ANSWER:  I decided to go to the pull in almost every match that I played in Open Singles. I wasn’t getting good percentages early on in a lot of matches and I’m not 
gonna beat the best in the world scoring 40% So I chose my pull shot and scored 80 – 90%. This is the reason I won this year. And some good defence helps every 
now and then.
QUESTION: This was your first Tornado World Championships Open Singles Title.  What did you do to prepare for this event. 
ANSWER:  I actually didn’t practice as hard as previous years. Sometimes I’ll get to syked for worlds and it actually hurts my game. This year I relaxed and I already 
knew all I needed to know to beat the best I just had to make it happen.
QUESTION:  Now that IFP has the World Championships, I feel we need to make some changes in the way we do finals at the worlds. What would you like to see 
happen at next years worlds  for Open finals?
ANSWER:  The finals should be the main event. No body should be able to play while finals are being played. Everybody should be in the stands rooting them on. 
Each game that is won should be announced over the intercom.  Music should be played between games. Your score boards are already a nice feature. There should 
be champagne  for the winner and world title rings should be awarded to the winners.
QUESTION:  What an amazing year you have had. In your own words some up your 2010 career in foosball.
ANSWER:  2010 was definitely the peak of my foosball career! All I ever wanted was a world Open title. Watching the greats of the game for the last 10 years has 
inspired me to be all I could be.
I want to thank Ryan for his time for this interview an for being such a great role model for our sport and of course being such a great son. I know he will have a long 
career and will continue to do well at everything that he chooses to do in life.